The Raincoast Partner Group is more than a group of businesses dedicated to quality food and exemplary service. We are a group of local islanders committed to three common goals; creating fond memories for our customers and ourselves, elevating the standards and expectations of the Haida Gwaii food industry and developing a secure and ideal work environment for a sustainable future. To achieve these goals we all work fearlessly with the following values deeply imbedded in our core.



Work toward achieving greatness, but maintain humility.


Use our best judgment; perform our work selflessly, honestly WITH PASSION


Show respect for our peers, our industry and our guests.



Recognize and embrace the responsibility we have to our peers, our critics, our industry and ourselves to uphold the success we have achieved.



Maintain high standards of quality moment to moment, day to day and year after year.


Maintain an open mind. Recognize innovation and realize inspiration, which will result in evolution and growth.


Have the courage to take initiative and the conviction to follow through. Continually Search for new ideas and means of improvement.



Have the confidence that we are all looking out for each other's best interest.


We Work together to achieve results that are greater than those we can achieve alone.


establish a hyperlocal standard for foraging and farming sustainable food ingredients on haida gwaii that will outlive us.

Rainy Days 

Queen Charlotte



Every delivery, every service we will have fresh flowers from our local florist Aggie Caliban at Queen Charlotte Flowers.

Aggie helps us deliver a sincere sense of time and place from the unique perspective of a passionate florist. 

Deer Looking Back


Our Retailers

Daajing Giids ~ queen charlotte
Isabel Creek Store
K’il Llnagaay ~ Sandspit 
Raincoast Breads