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Bull Kelp Halibut.HEIC

North Oceanic Terrior

 May 12th- Sept 10th

Begin an adventure traversing plant varieties from various life systems within this exceptionally biodiverse geography. Hennig's relentless pursuit to map out new terrains and uncover historic North Oceanic ingredients perseveres, crafting a remarkable culinary voyage.


our seasons


Game and Forest 

The Game and Forest Season menu will pay homage to everything that grows in our forest:  mushrooms, berries, rhizomes, nuts and all of the wild plants. It is also the harvest season on island which makes it one of the most bountiful periods of the year. The Game and Forest Season will be a celebration of Haida Gwaii’s autumnal abundance. The Game and Forest Season runs from Oct 15th - Jan 19th


Seafood Season runs from early January to Spring January 19th – May 4th

North Oceanic Terrior

Vegetable Season will run from Spring to early fall May 12th– September 10th

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